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Was I really going to get married in February?

The bleakest month of the year.

Well, not that desolate; my half birthday is on February 22.

But when my fiancee (now husband) and I announced we would be married on February 12, many quipped, including me—at least we will have something to get us through February.

Perhaps I intuitively knew what Francis Pedraza, CEO and founder of Everest, said about February—”It is the Tuesday of the year.”

I was enthused about my goals and dreams in January: I’m going to run a marathon in October, but as February dawned, I found my resolve waning. I am going to launch a D4 conference in August. But as we shovel our way out of yet another snow day, I wonder—is a conference doable on my budget of time and money? I was going to record what I ate everyday so that I can lose a few pounds. Now I haven’t logged in for a week or so, because I wasn’t getting the quick dopamine hit of immediate weight loss.

Yes, February really is the Tuesday of the year. Or in my parlance, it’s at the low-end of the year’s S-curve. In January, we are at the low end of the curve, but not yet having started, we are confident that THIS year, we will scale that curve, our own personal Everest with confidence.

But six weeks in, work as we might, there may be no discernible progress. This is what S-curve math would predict, which should help avoid discouragement, but we can be crestfallen all the same.

And yet, I know from experience, if I run one more day, make one more phone call, eat one less cookie, as I move into April and May, I’ll begin to accelerate up that S-curve, and that once were seeds of dreams in January, will begin to bud, like the first blooms of springtime.


Whitney Johnson is on the Advisory Board of Everest, a co-founder of Clayton Christensen’s investment firm, and the author of Dare-Dream-Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream. She is available for speaking and coaching. You can follow her at Twitter at @johnsonwhitney.